The history behind Uniscrap A/S

Uniscrap A/S was founded in 1858 as Petersen & Albeck A/S, and merged in 1978 with Joseph Levin & Co A/S, who was founded in 1866. Uniscraps gamle hovedkontor i Fiskerihavnsgade, København.

Both companies had through generations been working within recycling of many types of fractions, and they created, during the merger, a large danish company with departments countrywide.

In 1993 Uniscrap made the biggest single investment, when the company build a shredder facility in Kolding, which in 2007 was superseeded by an even bigger facility on the new scrap yard in Grenå. The facility in Grenå was sold after Uniscrap A/S changed focus to a different technological platform to adopt to a changing market.  

Until 2006 Uniscrap A/S was owned by Invest Miljø. Since 2016 Uniscrap A/S has been a part of  Chiho Environmental Group